New Writer Hired For David Slade's Daredevil Reboot

It has taken a little while for the Daredevil reboot to get going. First announced over a year ago, the project hired director David Slade to helm and then, a few months later, brought Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane on-board to write the script. Apparently what has held the project in development is the script, and we know that now because 20th Century Fox has just brought on a writer to replace Kane. Deadline says that nearly five months after Kane was hired, the studio has now gotten David James Kelly to do a rewrite of Daredevil. The movie will actually be the first writing credit for Kelly, whose only previous work in the film industry includes being a post-production assistant on the 2008 indie dramedy Sunshine Cleaning. There have been reports that the new story will follow the "Born Again" arc created by Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli in which the
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