What is Renny Harlin’s Dyatlov Pass?

If he can get the right backing, Renny Harlin could be about to shoot a horror movie based on an enduring true-life mystery. We take a closer look…

For most, the name Renny Harlin will be most readily associated with big, glossy and explode-y blockbusters such as Die Hard 2 (the most expensive movie of 1990, fact fans), The Long Kiss Goodnight and Cliffhanger. It’s the latter, in fact, which sticks most readily in our minds, with its remarkable mid-air plane-to-plane set-piece, marvellously ripe dialogue, John Lithgow acting all evil, and Sly Stallone grunting heroically.

Last year’s 5 Days Of War saw Harlin venture into rather different territory, with a war picture about journalists trapped in battle-torn Georgia. The director’s next film, meanwhile, could be another change for the director, as he tackles a project which mixes the snowy mountains of Cliffhanger with the Russian setting of 5 Days Of War.
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