The AfterElton Interview: Eddie McClintock of "Warehouse 13"

  • The Backlot
Eddie McClintock photographed by Clinton Gaughran for AfterElton

It's no secret that we're big fans of Eddie McClintock around here. The sexy star of Warehouse 13 has not one, not two, but three photo galleries on our Facebook page, and had us tuning in to the show long before they ever introduced a gay character last year. The former wrestler from Ohio is loudly pro-equality, with a wicked sense of humor that comes from a genuine place in his heart. He recently spoke with me about the show, playing gay on Felicity, growing up in the Midwest, his family, and the created family he now has on Warehouse 13. He even invited us into his home for a revealing photo shoot. This is obviously the beginning of my campaign to have him in our Hot 100 this year.

SyFy did have one condition: We weren't allowed to talk about any spoilers from the upcoming season,
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