Colton Dixon: Why I’m Happy I Was Voted Off ‘American Idol’

Colton sang his heart out April 23 on 'Live! With Kelly' and talked about his shocking elimination. We may not get to see Colton Dixon live on American Idol every week, but don't bother shedding any tears for the Tennessee native -- because he's totally happy! Now that he's off the show, he finally has time to focus on his true passion. "I get to start writing," he said April 23 on Live! With Kelly. "I miss the Idol family like crazy, but I get to do what I love: write and record." Along with his brief interview, Colton also delivered a haunting performance, once again causing us to wonder how the heck he was ever eliminated in the first place. And it sounds like Kelly Ripa can't make heads or tails of the cut either! "America made a mistake," she told him. We agree! [polldaddy poll=6154407] [flv width="600" height="350"]] More Colton News: Are Colton Dixon & Lady Gaga Feuding?
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