DVD Releases: 6/1/2010: The Wolfman Gets Cornered by a Killer Swarm!

It's an odd week for DVD and Blu-ray lovers with a couple of new releases but mostly just a lot of rehashes and semi-strange pairings such as Identity and Secret Window .

In the "new" category are The Wolfman (our by default pick of the week), Long Time Dead (about some college kids and a Ouija board -- those stories never end well), Killer Swarm (a made-for-German-tv movie Foy told us about a few months ago), and horror/comedy Cornered! starring Steve Guttenberg.

Then we get stuff like I Know What You Did Last Summer/I Still Know What You Did Last Summer on Blu-ray, four "Dreadtime Stories Double Features", Darkman 2 and III (no doubt in anticipation of the original Darkman's Blu-ray release on June 15th), and finally!, a proper release of Chad Ferrin's Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!

Some of those other duos mentioned previously include The Marsh/Bats, Silent Hill/Ultraviolet on Blu-ray,
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