"The Vampire Diaries" 319: “Many Happy Returns”

After a three-week hiatus, The Vampire Diaries returns with the first of the final four episodes of the season. We open on Alaric chillin' like a part-time villain in a Salvatore cell. Elena drops by with a satchel of essentials, leading me to uncomfortably ruminate on the notion that whenever indoor plumbing was installed in the antebellum Salvatore mansion it probably wasn't run to the cells. I hope someone remembered a bucket. Ric pokes through the bag and comes up with a copy of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Elena's confused then realizes: “Damon. He thinks he's hilarious.” And he is.

Elena questions the need for Ric to stay in the cell but he assures her it's the best place for him until the others can convince his alter ego, who I'm calling Pric, to give up where he stashed the last White Oak Junior stake. Elena tells him that
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