Danny DeVito: 'It all worked out for me. Life is good'

Danny DeVito has had a successful career both in front of the camera and behind it. Now, at 67, he is preparing for his first West End run in The Sunshine Boys – and shows no sign of slowing down

The first thing you notice about the actor, director and producer Danny DeVito is that, as has been exhaustively documented, getting on for a zillion times, he's short (five foot nothing) and round, like a human Teletubby. Albeit a 67-year-old Teletubby, with white wisps of hair around his ears, which he pulls at constantly.

The second thing you notice is how animated and expressive he is. It's not a cartoon version of DeVito's native Italian-American, but it's at the turbo end of vibrant. In the rehearsal space where we meet, he's constantly shrugging, gesturing with his hands, laughing so that his glasses fall off his forehead over his eyes; at one point,
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