Rihanna Tempts Chris Brown: ‘Don’t Make Me Have To Beg’

Rihanna is so done with beating around the bush to get her ex's attention. Two days after posting nearly naked pics of herself on Twitter, she's telling Chris Exactly what she wants to do to him -- and why he should take her back! Rihanna, 24, took to Twitter on April 13 with a scandalous come-hither message for Chris Brown, 22. As if going to dinner in nothing but a trench coat wasn't enough, now she's leaving even less to the imagination! "I can do better than make love to you....better than make u scream my name! Please, please, please, oh don't ya make me have to beg," she tweeted on April 13. Steamy! It's totally fitting that she's luring Chris in with these scandalous lyrics from Robin Thicke's song, "I Need Love" -- she's making it increasingly obvious that she will stop at nothing to make him love her again! What do You think,
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