New Details and Images of Batman and Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises

It’s been awhile since we heard or seen anything new from Camp-Nolan about the forthcoming, final entry in his Bat-Trilogy. Now, we get a new look at starring Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne / Batman) and Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle / Catwoman) from the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, and a closer look at Hathaway’s Catwoman.

Check out the images below!

via EW

Nolan also spoke with the magazine about the film -

“What can I not tell you about my film?”

Nolan did speak a bit about Tom Hardy‘s Bane:

“he represents formidable physical strength, combined with absolute evil of intention.”

Hardy himself commented on Bane and the uproar over Bane’s voice in the trailer:

“It’s a risk, because we could be laughed at — or it could be very fresh and exciting.”

Attributing Bane’s voice to the “comic book character’s brains and Caribbean heritage,
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