Short Film Review: The Crush by Michael Creagh

Short Film Review: The Crush by Michael Creagh
Iwant you to look up these words: said the teacher to her unenthused class of 8 year olds and wrote on the board- Reveal, Pretend, Love. Hold on to these three words for the rest of this film.

The Crush by debutant director Michael Creagh is a 2011 Academy award nominated short film. Michael casts his 8 year old son as the protagonist of this humane, exciting and innocent tale of a school boy’s crush. The little boy expresses his love for his teacher in a rather adult-like manner and gifts her a ring. His poised demeanor is engrossing to watch. He puts down on his calendar; ‘Marry Miss Purdy’. His heart is broken when Miss Purdy introduces the boy to her fiancé and shows off the ring that the latter gave her.

A little shaken but not stirred, the boy decides to challenge his teacher’s fiancé for a duel – to death!
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