Interview: Jennifer Coolidge & Eugene Levy Naughty American Pie Parents

Stifler's mom and Jim's dad do some naughty things in their return to the new American Pie reunion movie, but the real racy and hilarious moments happened during an interview with American Reunion's Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy.  

Listen to the interview below.

Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy's American Pie characters finally get to meet in on-screen in American Reunion and do some unmentionables. Stifler's mom as usual is the aggressor but now Jennifer's character gets to play with the big boys aka Jim's dad who is now a widower.  At a recent press interview with Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer revealed she initially asked writer/directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg for one last romp with Finch in American Reunion, but the filmmakers preferred to have her character grow as a person much to her chagrin.  The actress jokingly

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