Interviews, Opening This Week: Shannon Elizabeth in ‘American Reunion,’ Danny Nucci in ‘Titanic 3D’

Chicago – Two big openings this week include the re-release tomorrow of James Cameron’s “Titanic” – this time in 3D – and the highly anticipated “American Reunion,” which again brings together the stars of “American Pie.” Shannon Elizabeth is part of the Reunion, and Danny Nucci cruises on the mighty Titanic again.

The re-release of “Titanic” coincides with the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking on April 12, 1912. The 1997 film juggernaut took in an astounding $1.8 billion dollars worldwide (surpassed only by James Cameron’s “Avatar” in 2010) and won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. “American Pie” was released in 1999, and has become a brand name in itself, having spawned two theatrical and four direct-to-dvd spin offs. “American Reunion” marks the fourth film after the initial trilogy of “American Pie,” “American Pie 2” and “American Wedding.”

Two of the stars in those films appeared recently at “The Hollywood Show” in Chicago. Shannon Elizabeth
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