Jon Stewart as Mel Brooks in 'Blazing Shtik: The Mel Brooks Story' For HBO

Comedian Jon Stewart is set to play Mel Brooks in a new biopic co-written by the man himself, Mel Brooks, for HBO entitled Blazing Shtik, airing fall 2012.

Apparently, according to Variety, Stewart was approached to play the comedian and writer/director after expressing interest in portraying him onscreen. Unlike the ill-fated The History of Mel Brooks, Part 1, which seems to be languishing in development hell over at Paramount, Shtik was made for considerably less and is TV-ready.

The film focuses mainly on Brooks' making of the classics Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein in the 1970s, just like all the Hitchcock biopics and that Marilyn Monroe film. It seems to be the new thing.

I have to say I Love Brooks and Stewart and couldn't think of a better man for the job. Honestly. Can you think of a better actor to play Brooks? Adrian Brody is Gene Wilder, which could be hit or miss,
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