Bounty Hunters (2011)

Directed by: Patrick McBrearty

Written by: Reese Eveneshen

Cast: Trish Stratus, Frank J. Zupancic, Boomer Phillips, Andrea James Lui, Joe Rafla

Of all the many and varied action movie subgenres, my favorite is probably the no-nonsense, low-budget, direct-to-dvd action flick.

These movies are comforting, akin to cinematic junk food. They don't have to be good; they just have to deliver the goods. All that's really necessary are some gnarly fights and/or gunplay, a little skin and a few jokes from a reasonably attractive cast. If the filmmakers can provide these elements, wrapped in a story that moves briskly enough to prevent me from thinking about the inevitable plot holes, then I'm a happy man.

Sadly, with the passing of the golden age of the video store, as well as the rusty age of Lorenzo Lamas and Steven Seagal, this once ubiquitous type of movie is rapidly becoming scarce. But it's not entirely dead yet,
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