My Joy by Sergei Loznitsa, Cannes 2010

Sergei Loznitsa’s debut feature titled My Joy is a story of a truck driver who loses his way in the Russian wilderness and gets drawn into daily life in a Russian village.

Interesting or not, the film is the part of Cannes In Competition screening, set for May 19 and we are here today to have a little chat about this Loznitsa’s project, simple post-Soviet reality story that goes like this…

“…a tale of truck driver Georgi who leaves his hometown with his truck laden with goods, but when he is forced to take a wrong turn on the motorway, he finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Georgi desperately tries to find his way out, but gradually, against his will, he becomes drawn into the daily life of a Russian village.

In a place, where brutal force and the instinct to survive overcome humanity and common sense,
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