[TV] My Wife & Kids: Season Two

I’m a sucker for a comfy sitcom – the kind of comfort food familiarity that used to be WB’s bread and butter. I grew up on WB’s afternoon cartoon block, which was inevitably followed by Family Matters and the sitcom ilk. My Wife & Kids is content to meet similar expectations as a non-threatening, barely edgy comedy clocking in at twenty and change per episode. This is not meant as a criticism, but rather a genuine assessment of what to expect coming in. If you’re looking for an easy sitcom to settle into, My Wife & Kids succeeds with a couple of well-earned belly laughs and a cast that is easy to watch and watch some more.

Damon Wayans continues to lead the cast as househusband Michael Kyle, a smart-mouthed father and husband who never lets an opportunity to school his kids pass him by. George O. Gore II
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