‘Jurassic Park’ is Returning to Theaters (in 3D)

Now that I’ve stopped hyperventilating for a moment, and now that I’ve looked around and realized I’m still in Germany where this movie might not be coming to theaters near me, I can calmly announce that the masterpiece of genre filmmaking Jurassic Park will be coming to big screens again in 2013. The Lion King? Great. Titanic? Sure. Fine. Jurassic Park? Time to lose minds. The 3D element is a wild card here because it changes the game (but adds a new element), it could be bad (but with Steven Spielberg giving the go-ahead, it probably won’t be) and it could feel extraneous (but when Grant looks out on the dinosaur-filled valley that stretches for miles, it probably won’t). At any rate, this is chance to be 9 years old again. The movie will hit big screens again on July 19, 2013 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. And, as Aint It Cool astutely points out, it
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