21 Jump Street – review

21 Jump Street's undercover cops return to school but find the rules have changed

Not so much a stoner movie, perhaps more the result of film producers getting stoned, and talking about old stuff they can't get out of their heads. This is the feature-length revival of 21 Jump Street, the late-80s TV cop show that featured a heart-stoppingly beautiful Johnny Depp in his breakout role. It had the unimprovable premise of cops chosen for their youthful looks to go undercover and crack down on youth crime. This now becomes a defiantly immature action-comedy starring Channing Tatum and a slimline Jonah Hill as Jenko and Schmidt, two appalling police officers who must get down with the kids.

Worst enemies in school, they are now cop partners faced with the humiliation of going back to high school as faux-teens to bust a drug ring. It's not too much of a stretch. Being adult is the real imposture.
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