Urban Explorers: DVD review

Director: Andy Fetscher. Review: Adam Wing. Picture the scene: A young girl, terrified and confused, boards a busy subway train in an attempt to escape the crazed madman chasing her. He too gets on the train and continues to taunt her in front of the other passengers. By pretending to be a ticket collector, he attempts to drag her from the train. The girl - by now battered and bruised - screams out to one of the other passengers, “He’s a killer, a f*cking lunatic. Don’t you understand?” As the bloody psychopath pulls her from the train, the passenger - without an ounce of humour - replies, “Sorry, but you need a ticket.” The moral of this story, I hear you ask? Don’t take the train next time you’re in Germany. Gritty horror Urban Explorers is available in the UK for the first time this month.
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