The 10 Greatest Reality TV Judges Ever

Reality TV judging: It’s important. I can only commit to a TV talent show if I believe there are tough, fair-minded judges keeping the circus under control. Since we’re headlong into enticing seasons of The Voice and American Idol, the time is right to reflect upon the best judges in reality TV history – the ones who boast authority, smarts, sass, and fearsomeness. Oh, and some evil too!

10. Nina Garcia, Project Runway

The glamorous Marie Claire editrix has no time for fashion with a less-than-editorial edge, and she’s regularly the most intimidating part of a panel that also includes the fire-breathing Michael Kors and the perpetually aloof Heidi Klum. When she’s not dispensing displeasure at the drop of an accessory, she’s sighing with the kind of amazing contempt that warranted Meryl Streep an Oscar nom in The Devil Wears Prada.

Best Quote: While critiquing Santino Rice’s horrendous,
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