Experience vs. Sheepskin: Verdict?

Author's Note: I typed this tempestuous tome nearly a year ago, moments after the soon referenced incident occurred. Now that an opportunity has come for this to go live, I thought about editing my prior venom below. But that would not be honest nor fair to those who expect my candor. So here we go... warts and all. I'm annoyed. Peeved at my younger self and irked by academia. I was recently contacted by a performing arts school to teach a Business of Acting course. My credentials? – I teach a similar course to Nyu-Tisch students. – I've spoken and taught master classes on the campuses of Yale, Temple, Elon, Northeastern, The University of the Arts, and numerous other training programs for performers. – I've worked on multiple Broadway productions. – I've been associated with film casting for 20th Century Fox. – I've toiled long nights and days for HBO multiple times. – I've been at
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