‘Herbie Rides Again’ deliberately breaks the sequel rule.

Herbie Rides Again

Written by Bill Walsh, based on the novel Car, Boy, Girl by Gordon Buford

Directed by Robert Stevenson

USA, 1974, imdb

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“The first rule of all drive-in sequels: make the same damn movie you made the first time!”

-Joe Bob Briggs

Herbie Rides Again stands proudly alongside Halloween III: Season of the Witch as the two films that most deliberately break the sequel rule. It is debatable which is more cruel. Halloween III has no Michael Myers (and for that matter no witches) but never explains why. No doubt many in the audience when it was first released must have been wondering when Michael Myers was going to show, right up until the moment the film ended.

While discarding most of what made the first film work: Dean Jones as racer Jim Douglas,
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