24 Hours of... Love

Yay, love! If you’re not in it... well, that’s too bad for you! I realize Valentine’s Day isn’t really a movie marathon type of holiday, compounded by the fact that it’s not usually celebrated in groups, but let’s pretend that doesn’t matter and enjoy this article for what it is - an excuse for me to get some writing done!

Did I say that out loud?

On with the show!

8:00 Am - Romeo and Juliet (1968) 138 min

This is the definitive version, not that music video by Baz Luhrmann. It’s got more of the original text, young Michael York, it’s actually shot in Italy and let’s not forget boobs. That’ll wake up your loved one.

10:15 Am - Snow Falling on Cedars 127 min

Golly, do I hate Ethan Hawke. I really hate how he winds up in excellent movies,
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