Festival Roundup: 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam

Festival Roundup: 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam
The 41st edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam was a programme full of audience-friendly features, significant guest-directors, new festival locations, unexpected discoveries and even experimental productions, giving insight on what happens globally on the film market.

In such a formidable maze of screenings and events, first thing for every attendant would be to restrain the options and so I did: getting “specialized” for a few days in French, Canadian, Indian, Romanian, Hungarian and Portuguese productions, adding to it, just a few of those highlighted events that make any festival a festive occasion and some features of the Tiger Competition. So at the end of my stay I could sum up 26 movies, a few meetings and an interview with the most influential guest of the 41st Iffr, Takashi Miike.

I was glad to see that the public is taken seriously in Rotterdam offering them intriguing and valuable movies to watch. I
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