The Grammys from the Quipping Gay Authorities

You'd think a Grammys saddled with old-timers, expected wins, and repeat performances (Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, apparent phoenix Chris Brown, and Bruce Springsteen all took the stage twice) would make for a languid viewing experience, but get this: The 2012 Grammys was one of the slickest and most entertaining award ceremonies I've seen in the past... three years? At least two, anyway. 

It was pleasurable and seemingly fast, even with the bewildering shock of Whitney Houston's death still in the air and without Lady Gaga's magnificent ovoid entrance of 2011. We found fun in a truly hopeless place. And a dubious new hairdo for Rihanna too, to boot! Everyone wins.

I hate gushing snarklessly about an organization as execrably out-of-touch as the Grammys, but I can't help that the performances were palatable. Bruce Springsteen isn't quite the shuffling troubadour of Asbury Park anymore, but he was a perfect opening act:
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