Let’s Watch A Giallo: 'Blood And Black Lace' (1964) aka Sei Donne Per I’assassino

by Marcey Papandrea, MoreHorror.com

What is a ‘giallo’? – Giallo is Italian for yellow; a term which came from crime/mystery paperbacks with the yellow toned covers. In turn, highly stylized films of the same genre with elements of eroticism became known as ‘giallo’ films themselves.

Why did you pick this film? – Blood And Black Lace is one of the earliest giallo films, from a masterful director. The film has been such a huge influence on many things, and overall this is simply quite a fantastic film and visually one of the best you are likely to see.

Who is behind this one? – It was directed by Mario Bava, a man who got his name and reputation for his gialli and being one of the innovators of the genre. It stars Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner, Ariana Gorini, Dante Dipaolo, Mary Arden, Franco Ressel and Claude Dantes.

The Film
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