Oldman Pokes Fun At Jersey Shore

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Oldman Pokes Fun At Jersey Shore
Movie star Gary Oldman dropped his serious actor guise for a skit on U.S. late show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday when he recapped the night's Jersey Shore episode in theatrical style.

The Oscar-nominated Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star appeared seated on a darkened stage as he read the overview of an earlier screened episode of the trashy reality TV series.

He began, "The roommates take Vinny to a party at Karma for his first night back. While dancing in the club, Snooki accidentally pees on herself... The next day Snooki wears two sets of underwear to dinner as a precaution."

Oldman kept a straight face throughout the reading as Kimmel's studio audience chuckled, and as the curtain came down on the actor's recap, the host quipped, "The show sounds kind of stupid when you hear it like that, right?"

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