Blu-ray Review: ‘The Piano,’ ‘Frida’ Showcase Unforgettable Female Performances

Chicago – Jane Campion and Julie Taymor are two of the most fascinating directors in modern cinema. They are unafraid to take major gambles, and their audacity has occasionally caused their projects to derail. But on a good day, they are capable of achieving artistic transcendence on a grand scale, as evidenced in Campion’s 1993 masterwork, “The Piano,” and Taymor’s 2002 gem, “Frida.”

Both pictures are bold in their depiction of sexuality and adamant in their refusal to portray their central female characters as victims. Though these women are damaged physically and emotionally by tragic occurrences, their lives are triumphant studies in survival against the odds. What’s particularly interesting is the way in which both women are drawn into unlikely romances with men whose less-than-photogenic features are overshadowed by their magnetism and fierce appreciation for beauty.

Blu-ray Rating: 4.0/5.0

The love story that blooms between a mute pianist, Ada (Holly Hunter
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