5 Screen Legends Worthier of a Biopic Than Marilyn Monroe

  • The Backlot
Michelle Williams’s Oscar nomination means one more month of my least favorite activity: thinking about Marilyn Monroe. Are we done yet? The whole point of My Week With Marilyn was to validate your great aunt’s boring perception of Norma Jean – that she took great photos, was sometimes a screen gem, and confused pills for meals. I get it. Here are five screen legends with lesser-explored stories worthier of a biopic.

5. Montgomery Clift

Nearly a decade ago, Colin Farrell was in talks to star in a biopic of the gifted and visibly tragic actor who made A Place in the Sun’s insane melodrama sort of believable, From Here to Eternity a classic, and Judgment at Nuremberg the slightest bit awkward. (Was that slurring at the witness stand part of his role or everyday life?) Clift is captivating as a screen presence and as a subject, and I’d
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