Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close – The Review

Two insufferable hours of sanctimonious Hollywood mush, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close topped my “Ten Worst” of 2011 because it aimed so high and had so far to fall. It’s easy to dump on a lame comedy like Jack And Jill, but Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, a self-important look at one boy’s experience with the 9-11 tragedy, is a picture obviously tailor-made for Academy Award consideration, but it’s a crass sap-a-thon (or sappy crapathon) that indulges to the hilt every obnoxious feel-good quality imaginable, a saccharine nightmare that you may find yourself trapped in should you not heed my warning: ….It’s simply the worst….movie…..ever!

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close tells the story of 12-year-old Oskar Schell, whose father was killed in the 9-11 tragedy. Oskar’s Jewish jeweler dad (Tom Hanks) is shown in flashbacks trying to focus his socially-challenged son’s mind by sending him on scavenger hunts,
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