Episode Recap: Lie To Me - 2.03: "Control Factor"

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Gillian (Kelli Williams) convinces Cal (Tim Roth) to go on his planned vacation to Mexico with Emily (Hayley McFarland) and he finally relents. Gillian doesn't believe he can leave her in charge and for everyone else to do their jobs without him around. Cal and Emily agree that he will let her do her own thing and more importantly trust her ,if he treats her like an adult. She stops him from spying on the office back home, it causes stress. But not for long. Clearly Cal has trust issues, not just with Emily but with his staff. A man from the American Embassy, Lou Nemenoff (Patrick J Adams) asks Cal for help in locating a missing woman, Marla, (Nicole DuPort) who has left her daughter Tyler (Mary Matilyn Mouser) on her own. Emily watches the videos of the police and the bartender with Cal and feels empathy towards Tyler.
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