“Frankenstein” And “Dracula” Among Free Kindle Genre Classics

“Frankenstein” And “Dracula” Among Free Kindle Genre Classics
Amazon has kindly been cataloging classic books and offering them for their Kindle device and app at no charge. You can now download a number of genre staples for free, including Shelley’s Frankenstein, Stoker’s Dracula and Leroux’s Phantom Of The Opera, just for starters. For those with a smart phone (iPhone, droid) but no Kindle pad, you can download the Kindle app for free.

Below is a list of just a few titles of interest you can put in your pocket for absolutely no charge, to enjoy whenever is convenient. Interesting that stories 100+ years old are serving as gateways from tangible print to digital “print.”

It is easy: 1. Download the Kindle app to your smart phone from iTunes or your droid store; 2. Go to Amazon.com on your computer and “buy” any of the titles below just like you would normally shop on the site (again, they
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