After The Killing: Danish drama Borgen comes to BBC4

A new import from Denmark – a political thriller – seeks to emulate the success of Sarah Lund and company

Following the enormous success of The Killing, the Danish detective series that made subtitles an essential part of Saturday nights on the sofa, BBC4 is once more looking to Copenhagen with Borgen, a political thriller with a female lead that could make Danish coalition politics as interesting to UK viewers as Sarah Lund and her jumpers.

Fans of The Killing will certainly notice similarities between the two programmes: both of Lund's deceased sidekicks have roles and there are stylish Scandinavian interiors, Machiavellian political shenanigans and a focus on determined women operating in largely male worlds. Both shows are made by Dr, the Danish national broadcaster.

But that is largely where the similarities end. The unrelenting rain and gloom of The Killing are occasionally nudged out in favour of glimpses of sunshine, would-be
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