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8 movie characters you wouldn't want to fuck with, by Jordan Rizzle Kicks

1 Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills (in Taken)

Literally slaps up most of Paris in 96 hours.

2 Brad Pitt as Mickey O'Neil (in Snatch)

One-hit wonder.

3 Gary Oldman as Stansfield (in Leon)

No one plays gun-toting villains like Gary Oldman.

4 Vincent Cassel as Jacques (in Mesrine)

He holds up a judge at gunpoint. Enough said.

5 Keanu Reeves as Neo (in The Matrix)

Can literally do anything.

6 Denzel Washington as Eli (in The Book Of Eli)

Can batter people while wearing a backpack.

7 Samuel L Jackson as Jules (in Pulp Fiction)

Just wants to be the shepherd.

8 Ben Kingsley as Don Logan (in Sexy Beast)

Doesn't take no for an answer.

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