The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo rethinks the Hollywood remake

David Fincher has spritzed his Us version of Larsson's book with a respectful faux Swedishness. Could this be a step forward?

Warning: Plot spoilers follow

"Remake" has become a dirty word in cinema. Hollywood can do what it likes to its own movies, but it's how it treats everyone else's that has made it notorious: money-obsessed, and as culturally sensitive as Stalin after a night on the Stolichnaya. Director David Fincher admitted as much at the start of the publicity run for his remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. "I know we are playing into the European, and certainly the Swedish, predisposition that this is a giant monetary land grab," he told the fansite "You're co-opting a phenomenon. Now, there are plenty of reasons to believe we can make it equally entertaining of a movie. But the resentment is already engendered, in a weird way. It's bizarre.
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