Martin Scorsese Reportedly Working On A British Cinema Documentary

There are two sides to the Martin Scorsese coin, and it has been this way for quite some time. On one side, there.s the passionate cineaste, whose adoration for the medium (and the industry.s deep, rich history) can be seen draped all over Hugo, in theaters now. On the other side, however, lies a .budding. documentary filmmaker who desperately seeks an outlet on which to download the massive files of information and trivia locked up in his brain. Since 1970.s Street Scenes, Scorsese has worked out his passions in documentary form, often commenting on music as well as his Italian heritage and relationship with New York City. But now it sounds like Scorsese.s interest in film history and documentary filmmaking may marry for an anticipated picture. In a lengthy feature on Michael Henry Wilson.s new book Scorsese On Scorsese, The Independent UK reports that the Oscar-winning
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