Fan Releases Funny David Slade Approved Twilight ‘Eclipse’ Spoof Trailer

Fan releases funny David Slade approved Twilight 'Eclipse' spoof trailer. A Youtube fan recently released a spoof trailer for the popular "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie trailer (below). It's pretty damn funny,and the "Twilight Saga:Eclipse" director David Slade also thought it was funny by approving it on his "Twitter" page. He wrote, "DAVID_A_SLADE I Approve: Rt @farglow I approve of this Twilight Eclipse spoof: Good Work!" In the spoof trailer below, it plays just like the original,but with a few funny interjections from a short Asian guy with glasses on. He kinda looks like Hiro from the NBC "Heroes" show. During the Bella/Edward fields scene.
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