Up All Night Review: High Shticking

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Molly Shannon guest starred this week as Nancy, Ava's employee who was anything but a superstar on this week's episode "Hiring and Firing." While she bordered on the absurd in a couple early scenes, Shannon seemed to find her groove by the end of the episode and was an overall success I thought. 

Reagan may have developed some blind spots since becoming a mom, but it was Chris who needed the cane and seeing eye dog. Even a blind man could have seen that the overly qualified and insanely hot Jesse was an amzing choice for Amy's babysitter though.  Instead he hired Nancy, the woman who couldn't handle a head set and a stack of post-it notes at the same time? Chris deserved ten minute misconduct for that move.

We still got plenty of awesome Arnett though as he expressed his frustrations about Amy's lack of affection and then later
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