Jim fixed it for Iron Maiden and me

Dom Lawson was a shy 14-year-old when he wrote to the late Jimmy Savile asking to meet his heavy-metal heroes. What happened next changed his life for ever …

Most people have a claim to fame, don't they? I've got a couple of poor but respectable ones: I once held a door open for John Cleese (he said "Thank you" rather sternly) and I once witnessed the late Kenneth Williams buying a newspaper (he looked tiny, fragile and unhappy). Not exactly jaw-dropping anecdotes, I'll admit, and I have never dined out on either. But then, I do have a fairly spectacular claim to fame that tends to triumph in any impromptu bout of one-upmanship: back in 1986, at the tender age of 14, courtesy of Jim'll Fix It, I spent a whole day at the Hammersmith Odeon in London with my favourite band, Iron Maiden. Yeah, so your mum once copped off with Keith Moon.
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