David M. Rosenthal Introduces Us To Janie Jones

Janie Jones writer/director David M. Rosenthal

In David M. Rosenthal’s latest feature, Janie Jones, we meet Ethan Brand (Alessandro Nivola), a petulant beer-guzzling indie rocker on the verge of being washed-up who is suddenly confronted with a reality beyond sound checks and publishing issues: he is abruptly introduced to the daughter he birthed 13 years prior, Janie Jones (Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin). The introduction is accompanied by abandonment by Janie’s mother (fellow Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue), a once groupie who is still hooked on that lifestyle’s accessories: mainly drugs and a bad choice in men. What follows is more than a look into the budding relationship between a father and daughter, we see Ethan recognizing his place in the world a little more clearly and a young girl discovering her talent has great value to many people.

Mr. Rosenthal wrote and directed this film which came out
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