The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Sounds Strangely Familiar

Wow, is The Black Waters of Echo's Pond really Open Graves 2? Open Graves was just reviewed here today with a very similar plot. A group of young adults get together to play a board game that leads to their death. This is the plot exactly for Open Graves and for The Black Waters, which might make one think of simultaneous discovery. The present times create similar cultural discoveries like malicious board games. However, The Black Waters is not exactly like Open Graves, as the game only awakens the darkest emotions in each of the players. What happens next? Well, you will have to check out the trailer for the film below and if interested visit theatres playing The Black Waters April 9th. An Open Graves review is below that.

The synopsis for The Black Waters of Echo's Pond here:

"While on holiday, nine close friends discover a long-hidden, archaic board
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