Casting Call: New York City Auditions for Channing Tatum’s ‘Son of No One’

Dito Montiel (i.e. the director of Channing Tatum's past and future films 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints', 'Fighting', 'Brotherhood of the Rose', and 'Son of No One') has sent out another casting call for the next movie that Chan will film.

'Son of No One' is currently in pre-production and will start filming in New York City very soon. This Sunday the production will be holding an open call for boys and girls of any race who can pass for ages 14 through 16. No experience is necessary, but please only attend the open call if you fit the age appearance requirement.

The open call will take place at Kaufman Astoria Studios on March 7th at 3412 36th Street in Queens between 12 and 4pm. You can Click Here for directions. Minors Must bring a parent or legal guardian with them to the casting call.
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