Nycc'11: Ghost Rider Panel Highlights

Source: Shh -Dave Sardy, composer of Zombieland, is doing the music for it. -3D trailer for Underworld played first. A giant über Lycan was revealed. -Scenes from Total Recall were next. New scenes were revealed that weren't shown at Sdcc. -Behind the scenes featurette for Ghost Rider was revealed. The footage featured director Mark Neveldine on skates being dragged by a motorcycle to capture footage. Reportedly, this was more dangerous than what the actual stuntmen were doing in the film. -Behind the scenes footage ended with F*cking Your Sh*t Up in 3D to wild roars from the crowd. -Quotes from Brian Taylor: "We never had a 2nd Unit director cause that's the most fun so why would we have someone else do it?" "We just wanted to break cameras, and break stuntguys and break our own necks." "Nicolas Cage can actually piss fire, no CG required.
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