'Twilight' star Nikki Reed appears in music video to promote 'Last Day of Summer'

Last Day Of Summer, starring Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale" in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and DJ Qualls, presently exists in film limbo - with no set date for release to either theaters or DVD. It did debut in October's Hollywood Film Festival, however, and is tentatively scheduled for a 2010 release. To promote the film, it seems, as well as the career of a young recording artist, songstress Sabrina went on the set for Last Day Of Summer and took footage of the filming process to compile for her music video to the song "No Rose Petals and Bubblebaths." The video features a bit of behind-the-scenes conversation between Reed, Qualls, and director Vlad Yudin. In the film, Reed portrays "Stefanie," and the m ...
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