Close up: Lars von Trier declares himself persona non grata

Could Lars von Trier have finally destroyed his own career?

The big story

Every week is Lars von Trier week – especially if you're Lars von Trier. But the Danish director, normally so adept at winding up the press and film industry, may have finally put his foot irretrievably in it, have gone that bit too far, gone off the deep end once too often. When he made a crack at Cannes back in May about how he could "understand" Adolf Hitler, I bet he didn't think he'd be fielding questions from the Danish police five months later.

But that is what happened last Wednesday, according to a statement issued by von Trier himself. He said his local bobbies were acting on a "preliminary charge" issued by French prosecutors after his Cannes press conference. Even now, it's not clear if von Trier himself has the full story: the French authorities have
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