'The Walking Dead': How to dress a zombie

While "The Walking Dead's" walkers (aka zombies) may look like they effortlessly threw together their shredded and blood-stained ensembles, there's actually a lot of work and calculation that goes into each walker's look.

In a new video from AMC, costume designer Eulyn Womble explains how the clothing makes the dead man (or woman).

"This is the first time," says Womble, "that I've had to dress people that are supposed to be clothed. Their undead, so they're dead and alive walking around severely burned."

She then demonstrates how to kinda, sorta burn a lace shirt -- a high-tech process involving what appears to be a Bic lighter.

"I don't to see you first thing in the morning looking like that," Says Womble admiring her handiwork, an undead severely burned walker in full make-up in costume.

Neither do we, but we'll gladly watch her work when season 2 kicks off on Oct.
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