Nadine Labaki Musical Where Do We Go Now?: Toronto Surprise Winner

Nadine Labaki, Where Do We Go Now? Lebanese actress-filmmaker Nadine Labaki's second feature, the musical Et maintenant, on va où? / Where Do We Go Now?, was the surprise winner of the Toronto Film Festival's Cadillac People's Choice Award. Toronto doesn't have a jury like Cannes, Berlin, or Venice; festivalgoers pick the winner each year. Apparently inspired by Aristophanes' Lysistrata — which presents women as peace lovers and men as (sex-starved) war lovers — Where Do We Go Now? tells the story of female Lebanese villagers who take some unusual steps to prevent Muslim-Christian strife in their area. Those include hiring Ukrainian casino showgirls and serving hash-laced cookies. Labaki's feature-film debut, the charming romantic comedy-drama Caramel, had its North American premiere at the Toronto festival in 2007. That movie didn't win any awards in Toronto; Labaki wasn't expecting any for Where Do We Go Now?, either, what with the English-language media insisting
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