"Watching Striker on YouTube with people from all over the world was an incredible experience!"

It all began when a few Bollywood-loving writers and friends heard that Studio 18 and YouTube had come together to release Striker on the Internet the same day as the release in India. Immediately, tweets started flying to plan a time that we could get together and do a watchalong. Directed by Chandan Arora and starring Siddharth, Anupam Kher, Aditya Pancholi, Padmapriya, Nicollete Bird, Ankur Vikal, and Vidya Maldave, Striker is the first Bollywood film to be released on YouTube and we were all excited to be able to see the film during its first weekend. (Usually we do watchalongs after films have released on DVD or we are going back to visit old favorites!) Organized by Beth Watkins with help from Sujoy Singha, the watchalong soon grew from the 4 of us to over 25 people in 9 countries including the Us, UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, and Abu Dhabi. One person tweeted,
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