Morning Meme: David Tennant Camps It Up, Stephen Colbert Apologizes to the Gays, and Dancing Dark Horse Matt Bomer

The unlikely, but infinitely appealing combination of Darren Criss, Susan Sarandon, and Laura Linney are the new faces of clothing giant Uniqlo. Previously, all I knew about Uniqlo was that Russell Tovey slept in their boxer shorts. Not I know they design clothes with boobs in mind.

Just when I thought that Locke & Key was dead, there's news that MTV may have an interest in the show if they can afford production. From what I know of the series, it could make an interesting companion for Teen Wolf. Put some of that Jersey Shore money to work!

Job application, or Grindr ad?

Reese Witherspoon is recovering at home after being struck by a car while jogging. I knew exercise was going to kill someone eventually.

A huge Nasa satellite is going to make an uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere, and it's likely that at least a dozen pieces will impact the surface at unknown locations.
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