Exclusive: Renny Harlin Talks 5 Days of War

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Exclusive: Renny Harlin Talks 5 Days of War
Renny Harlin offers insight into the making of 5 Days of War, his most personal film to date

5 Days of War is an action-packed international thriller from acclaimed director Renny Harlin. Based on true events, this intense film is a vivid account of a renegade American journalist, his cameraman and a local woman caught behind enemy lines, and determined to not only survive, but tell the world what was happening, during the swift but devastating 5-day war between Russian and the Georgian Republic in 2008.

We recently caught up with Renny Harlin to talk more extensively about the film and what inspired it. Our conversation is below.

The news that documentarian Tim Hetherington (director of Restrepo) died while behind enemy lines certainly hit hard. Your film focuses on the dangers of this particular job. How did hearing the news affect you, and help guide you in finalizing this for the big screen.
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